About WeMingo

Our mission

It's difficult to find professional help with your paruresis. We want to change that by developing a high quality self-help program that increases the quality of life for its users. Eventually, we strive to become the first contact point for paruretics around the world.


Johannes is the founder of WeMingo. He knows paruresis from personal experience and, as a software engineer, takes care of the technical implementation of the self-help program.


Pavle is a clinical psychologist and researcher at Freie Universität Berlin. He contributes his expertise in the field of online therapy, which he acquired as the lead psychologist in the development of TK-DepressionsCoach, an online therapy by Germany's biggest statuatory health insurance.

How it all started

Johannes first confronted his problem in 2014. Like many other people struggling with a shy bladder, he wasn't even aware there was a name for it. After an initial Google research and realizing "I'm not the only one", he subsequently worked on his paruresis. By continuously confronting his anxiety in public bathrooms, he has since been able to reduce his avoidance behaviour and is now anticipating future conference visits more calmly.

Even though he was ultimately able to improve his situation, he was disappointed to see there were only few contacts and offers for people seeking help. Over time, he felt an urge to create an alternative that would utilize modern technology to provide interactive, flexible, and anonymous help. With this motivation, he launched the WeMingo project in spring 2016 and was happy to find Pavle as a comrade-in-arms.

Präsentation im Businessplanwettbewerb Berlin Brandenburg Also of therapeutic value: paruresis coming-out in front of the jury of the business plan competition Berlin-Brandenburg.

At the beginning of the project, we mainly talked to those affected in order to better understand how we can offer the best possible support. Later, we tried to expand the concept to include business aspects and took part in various business plan competitions.

Berlin Startup Scholarship

From November 2016 until October 2017, the WeMingo team received public grants as part of the Berlin Startup Scholarship, financed by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Business and the European Social Fund. As part of the program, the team received mentoring from the faculty of clinical psychology at the Freie Universität Berlin.

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