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Start recovering from your paruresis today

I'm sure you have wanted to do something about your problem before, but it's hard to form a plan and act on it all by yourself.

WeMingo teaches you the essential knowledge and techniques for overcoming your shy bladder.

  • Interactive exercises

  • Based on scientific evidence

  • Strict German privacy standards

WeMingo self-help program

Knowledge about the physiological processes of urination

Easily accessible

Do you find it difficult to get professional help with your Paruresis? WeMingo is there for you - now and whenever you need it.

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Based on scientific evidence

WeMingo is based on techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, which has shown to be highly effective in treating Paruresis.

The exercises in the program have been developed with psychological expertise and build on years of research in the field of online therapy.

Screenshot of an exercise on our process of perception: How do thoughts influence my feelings?

More than a book

WeMingo features interactive exercises that complement insights shared through video, animations, and articles. This way you can experience therapeutic methods yourself rather than simply reading about them.

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March 13, 2017
WeMingo has provided me with the means that have allowed me to make great progress in overcoming my paruresis! It motivates me every day to face my fear!

Module overview

What exactly happens when I freeze up in a public bathroom? How is it related to my thoughts? And what does gradual exposure mean? Take a look at the course curriculum.

  • Chapter: About paruresis
  • Introduction and expectations
  • What is paruresis?
  • How does paruresis develop?
  • Avoidance behavior
  • Quiz: Paruresis 101
  • Chapter: Your paruresis
  • Expressive Writing: Your Paruresis Story
  • Debriefing Your Paruresis Story
  • Expressive Writing: Your life without paruresis
  • Debriefing Your Life Without Paruresis
  • Your goals
  • Chapter: Thoughts and fear
  • The crucial role of thoughts
  • Your thoughts
  • Debriefing your situation records
  • Introduction to thinking errors
  • Your thinking errors
  • Introduction to alternative thoughts
  • Your alternative thoughts
  • Debriefing your alternative thoughts
  • Chapter: Next steps
  • Introduction to gradual exposure
  • Preparations I: Creating a fear hierarchy
  • Preparations II: Practicing with a pee buddy
  • Your first practice session
  • Closing and outlook

WeMingo self-help program

Take back control and overcome your Paruresis

25 modules with numerous explanations & exercises for improving your quality of life
Approx. 6 weeks program duration
Expressive Writing
Interactive situation protocols
Offline worksheets
Anonymous usage
30 day money-back guarantee
One-time program fee
instead of $ 99

$ 49

for life-time access

Money-back-guarantee: If the program doesn't match your expectations, you can request a refund in the first 30 days, no questions asked.


We want you to be able to use the self-help program without worrying that someone might find out about your paruresis. Your data is collected and stored in accordance with strict German data protection laws and modern IT security standards. Find out more about how we use your data in our Privacy Declaration.