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Don't let your paruresis get the better of you

The WeMingo self-help program provides you with knowledge and techniques that will help reduce your anxiety.

  • Interactive exercises

  • Based on scientific evidence

  • Strict German privacy standards

How does it work?

Proven concepts

It's difficult to deal with your paruresis all by yourself: How do I start? What step comes next? Without a well-structured plan it's easy to give up.

It's different with WeMingo. The self-help program carefully guides you through the topics that are essential for overcoming your paruresis.

By the way: small reminders from WeMingo ensure you stay on track ☝️

Who is the program for?

WeMingo offers you an easy start if you want to challenge your paruresis for the first time and going into a classic face-to-face therapy seems too big of a step for you.

Are you ready? WeMingo shows you how you can beat your paruresis.

March 13, 2017
WeMingo has provided me with the means that have allowed me to make great progress in overcoming my paruresis! It motivates me every day to face my fear!

Module overview

What exactly happens when I freeze up in a public bathroom? How is it related to my thoughts? And what does gradual exposure mean? WeMingo has the answers. Take a look at the course curriculum.

  • Chapter: About paruresis
  • Introduction and expectations
  • What is paruresis?
  • How does paruresis develop?
  • Avoidance behavior
  • Quiz: Paruresis 101
  • Chapter: Your paruresis
  • Expressive Writing: Your Paruresis Story
  • Debriefing Your Paruresis Story
  • Expressive Writing: Your life without paruresis
  • Debriefing Your Life Without Paruresis
  • Your goals
  • Chapter: Thoughts and fear
  • The crucial role of thoughts
  • Your thoughts
  • Debriefing your situation records
  • Introduction to thinking errors
  • Your thinking errors
  • Introduction to alternative thoughts
  • Your alternative thoughts
  • Debriefing your alternative thoughts
  • Chapter: Next steps
  • Introduction to gradual exposure
  • Preparations I: Creating a fear hierarchy
  • Preparations II: Practicing with a pee buddy
  • Your first exposure
  • Closing and outlook

25 modules, one goal: to help you live a better life

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We want you to be able to use the self-help program without worrying that someone might find out about your paruresis. Your data is collected and stored in accordance with strict German data protection laws and modern IT security standards. Find out more about how we use your data in our Privacy.